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 (617) 559-9200   

Aliaga, Catherine   Spanish Email Website
Ames, Jennifer   Counselor Email  
Arnold, Eric   7-2 ELA Email Website
Arzola, Alyssa   METCO Email  

Beckerman, Courtney   Speech and Language Email Website
Bennes, Christina   Inclusion Facilitator Email Website
Bercaw, Jamin   8-2 Social Sciences/History Email Website  
Bernstein, Ariel   Counselor Email  
Boyce, Noreen   French Email Website
Brooks, Amanda   Counselor & ELL Liaison Email  
Bueno, Brent   Technology Engineering Email Website
Bunting, Charles   6-4 ELA/Social Sciences Email Website

Cadigan, Jessie   8-2 Sciences Email Website
Carnahan, Carie   Speech and Language Email  
Cave, Michael   Latin Email Website
Chmielinski, Krystyna   P. E, Health & Wellness Email Website
Cohen, Sherri   Special Education Email  
Comiskey, Rebecca   Special Education Email Website 
Corrou, Julia   Special Education Email  
Crowley, Kathleen   Special Education - English Email Website
Curtis, Cynthia   Main Office Secretary Email  
Cutler, Caleb   Music Email Website

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D'Elia, Laura   Librarian Email Website 
Dempsey, Jennifer   8-1 Sciences Email Website 
Deschaines, Laura   Math & Math Lab- 7th & 8th Grades Email Website
Drinan, Kevin   P. E, Health & Wellness Email Website


Feeney, Julie   Spanish Email Website 
Flecca, Sheri   Math Coach Email   

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Geer, Amy   Assistant Principal for Student Services Email  
Gerson, Alex   P. E, Health & Wellness Email  
Gibson, Carley   Health Email  Website 
Golden, Bob    7-2 Sciences Email  Website 
Goldstein, Cheryl   Student Services Secretary Email   
Grant, Kristen   Special Education Email  

Harutunian, John   Principal Email  
Hong, Benita   7-1 Math Email Website
Horan, MaryFrances   Special Education Email Website 
Hsu, Yi-Ling   8-1 Math Email Website
Hoyt, Lauren   7-1 ELA Email  
Hunt, Russell   6-1 Math/ Sciences Email Website

Izrina, Rachel   English Language Learning Email Website

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Janow, Evan   6-5 ELA/Social Sciences Email Website


Kappel, Carol   8-1 Social Sciences/History Email Website

Leary, Tierney   Special Education Email Website
Legare, Amanda   8-1 ELA Email Website
Lyons, Paul   6-1 ELA/Social Sciences Email Website

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MacNeil, Jane   Special Education Email   
Marks, Marianne   7-1 Sciences  Email  Website 
Martinez, Ileana   Spanish Email  Website 
McCormick, Caitlin   7-3 Math/Sciences Email    Website
McGraw, Benjamin    6-2 Math/Sciences  Email  Website 
McKenna, Jannon   School Psychologist Email   
Meng, Yuanchao   Chinese Email  Website 
Miller, Roy   Music Email   
Modica, Joanna   Spanish Email  Website
Myers, Anne   English Language Learning Email  Website  


Olivar, Kaihla   French Email  Website 
Oliver, Katherine    Counselor  Email   
Opiyo, Elizabeth   Special Education Email   

Pilley, Anita   7-1 Social Sciences/History Email  Website
Price, Rebecca   6th Gr. Drama & 8th Gr. Creative Expression Email Website


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Riley, Susan   Nurse  Email  Website 
Roy, Jonathan    6-2 ELA/Social Studies  Email  Website 

Sack, Lauren   6-4 Math/Sciences Email  Website
Sedewitz, William   8-1 & 8-2 Sciences Email  
Seton, Lindsey   Speech and Language Email   
Simpson, Elizabeth   6-3 ELA/Social Studies Email Website 
Souza, Kaitlin   6-3 Math/ Sciences Email Website 
Sterk, Rosa    Instructional Technology  Email   
Swain, Monica    8- 2 ELA Email  Website 
Stewart, Maureen   SS/ELA & Literacy Lab:7th & 8th Grades Email Website 
Sugerman, Jacob   7-3 ELA/ Social Sciences/History Email  Website
Syph, Cleo   7-2 Social Sciences/History Email  Website 

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Timmins, Matt   8-2 Math  Email  Website 
Trunk, Sheila   Arts  Email  Website 
Turner, Kirsten    7-2 Math  Email  Website 


Vaglica, Doreen   Executive Secretary Email  



  Special Education - Math Email Website 
Winer, Kerry   Literacy Coach & Specialist Email  
Wood, Andrew   6-5 Math Email Website 


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Yee, Ken   Assistant Principal Email